Advantages of electrophoretic coatings

The speed of social development is very fast. The speed of development of all walks of life is of course faster. For enterprises to develop better, they need to continuously develop more and better products. There are many enterprises. Pipeline operation is used in production, because this kind of operation is more, and now electrophoretic coatings have been widely used in many products. We will introduce the advantages of electrophoretic coatings in the next article. Advantages of electrophoretic coatings 1. The utilization rate of the paint is high. The shot blasting equipment manufacturer said that in the ordinary painting process, a large amount of paint mist is scattered, about half of the paint is lost, and the electrophoresis coating is carried out by using small electrophoresis equipment, especially after using ultrafiltration technology, the utilization rate of the paint can be made. Up to 90-95%. 2. Electrophoretic paint replaces organic solvent with water, saving a lot of energy and raw materials. Because quite a lot of organic solvents are extracted from petrochemical industry, in the current situation of increasingly tight energy resources in the world, the advantages of electrophoretic coating process It is even more remarkable. In addition, water as a solvent not only prevents fires, but also reduces environmental pollution and improves working conditions. 3. High production efficiency. After the parts are pre-treated, the electrophoresis can be performed without dry supply, which shortens the coating time. 4. Good coating effect on complex parts. Electrophoretic coating is different from painting. It relies on the distribution of the electric field in the solution for electrodeposition. Since the deposited coating film is insulative, a uniform coating can be formed in various parts of the complicated shape. 5. The paint film of electrophoretic coating has good quality and strong anti-rust ability. The article tells the advantages of electrophoretic coatings from five aspects. I believe that after reading the article, I also learned a lot of relevant knowledge. I hope that you can have a deeper understanding of this knowledge after our introduction. Thank you for your continued support. We will provide more for you later. Better product. Reprint, please indicate the source (the advantages of electrophoretic coating: xinwen/225.html)

The role of the conveyor line

Nowadays, there are many kinds of fully automated equipments in production and life. From the appearance of these fully automated equipments, we can see the current development of China's economy and technology. The conveying line has a very wide application in the conveying process after some manufacturers produce the products. I think everyone has some relevant knowledge about this kind of automation equipment. The reason why the conveyor line can have such a wide range of applications now has a great relationship with its own characteristics, then Xiaobian will introduce some relevant contents about the role of the conveyor line. The role of the conveyor line 1. The production efficiency of the product is greatly improved; 2. At the same time as the production efficiency is improved. Can also guarantee the quality of the product; 3, because the conveyor line is designed with fully automated technology, it is also more convenient to manage; 4, the structure is stable and the floor space is fixed, which has a great space saving effect. Our company has a very regular production line manufacturer, and has been working on the transfer line for many years. With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, the conveying line equipment produced by our company has undergone many changes and is constantly improving its own shortcomings. Now the delivery line produced by our company is suitable in price and quality. It is also very secure. If you have any relevant knowledge, you can get in touch with our company. We will also post more exciting information on the company's official website for everyone to understand. Reprint, please indicate the source (the role of the conveyor line: xinwen/226.html)
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